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WhisperWind Carnival 2024 SAL

This year the carnival is coming to town! I’ve done some previous patterns on the WhisperWind Carnival. They were “The Ring Leader” and “The Fortune Teller”. This design will expand the story further. The WhisperWind Carnival is a mix of small town fair and traveling carnival with barkers and sideshows. It’s fun, old fashioned and full of mystery.

  • You will need DMC and 7 skeins of Ship’s Manor floss to complete the design. If you only prefer to use DMC a conversion from SM to DMC will be provided soon.
  • The fabric used in this is ‘Rickety Ship’ by Ship’s Manor. If you prefer to use a different color make sure it is grey or brown.
  • SAL will begin Jan 25th, 2024. The first block and frame will be delivered via email on the 25th. This is a year long SAL and each additional part will be released the 25th of each month.
  • Please make sure your email is correct in paypal. I will send the pdf’s there. You will need a PDF viewer to see the pattern.
  • The symbols to follow will be on each pattern. I do this because if someone is having a problem with two similar symbols close to each other etc. I can change it.
  • Stitch Count is: 150X195

WhisperWind Carnival SAL
WhisperWind Carnival SAL
All 12 patterns. These are delivered as a PDF.
Price: $14.00
WhisperWind Carnival Thread Pack
WhisperWind Carnival Thread Pack
Special Price for this SAL. 7 skeins of Ship's Manor thread.
Price: $12.00
Rickety Ship
Rickety Ship
Price: $13.00
Type :
Size :