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I eventually had to make some snarky designs based on my state…UTAH!

If you don’t know how to cross stitch there are some really great videos online and some local stitch/craft shops that would love to help you out. If you don’t want to do the french knots in these designs…use a bead. You should at least try them first! Wooden hoops make great frames. You can usually find them really cheap at crafts stores.

If you don’t understand why some of these sayings are funny or “Utah” then you’re probably not from here. They made me laugh! The designs included in this PDF are:

“Awesome Fry Sauce”
“Missionaries” We all love them!
“Inversion/Pollution… Let’s just call it fog” Whatever it is it sticks to everything and makes you wash your face 50 times a day.
“OH MY HECK!” I say this. It happens without me thinking about it.

This is for the PDF only pattern. You will need Adobe Reader to view this file. You can get it free online!

Additional Ship’s Manor designs can be found at Dinky Dyes or can be ordered through your favorite shop.

You will need the following supplies to complete this pattern:

Use 14 ct. White Aida for stitching.

You will need one measuring 13.5 x 6 to complete all designs. Add 3-4 inches for separating designs and putting them in hoops.

DMC Thread


I hope you enjoy these designs. They are simple and make great gifts.

Happy Stitching!