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“L is for Lady regal and grand
A is for Awl held tight in her hand
K is for King a tyrant and fool
E is for Evening conspicuously cool
Now Lady and King each other’s hands take, with a slice from the Awl the King drowns in the Lake”

To complete this pattern you will need the following threads:

The Gentle Art or Dinky Dyes

Caramel Corn 191 Stringy Bark
Harvest Moon 049 Tropic Sunshine
Tea Rose 115 Pink Tourmaline

Classic Colorworks or Dinky Dyes

Eve’s Leaves 155 Spearmint
Khaki Mocha 223 Seaforth
Lunar Eclipse 063 Stormy Sky
Really Teally 222 Lucy’s Mum

Model is stitched (2 over 2) on 32ct Lake Linen from Ship’s Manor which can be purchased on this website.

Stitch count
167 x 165

Happy Stitching!