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Nashville Releases!

Two new designs will be available at the Nashville Needlework Market for shops to purchase. They will be available at the Dinky Dyes booth where the models will be available to look at up close. Stitchers let your LNS (Local Needlework Shop) know you want them to pick you up one! The two new designs are: A Child’s Epitaph. I am a collector of Victorian Mourning items. There is a quiet beauty in honoring the ghosts of our ancestors. The second design is based on another love of mine…Antique children’s books. Some of those writers had a warped sense of humor which I love! So, to honor those crazy, talented writers I have created “Lake”. Spoiler Alert: The king doesn’t make it. I hope you enjoy stitching these. Let me know what you think when you visit me on facebook!

L is for Lady regal and grand
A is for Awl held tight in her hand
K is for King a tyrant and fool
E is for Evening conspicuously cool
Now Lady and King each other’s hands take, with a slice from the Awl the King drowns in the Lake

A Child’s Epitaph 138 x 183 Retail $10

Gentle Arts and DMC thread. Fabric is 32 ct. linen “Memories” by Ship’s Manor

Lake 165 x 167 Retail $10

Gentle Arts and Classic Colorworks thread. Fabric is 32 ct. line “Lake” by Ship’s Manor


A Child's Epitaph LAKE


lake legs fairy strands