Unfortunately (with a heavy heart), due to price increases, I am discontinuing the French Spun Silk line of thread. French spun is truly luxurious and a pleasure to stitch with.

I will be switching to the 6 strand silk soon but it will take a month or so to get that done. I expect to have the same colors but won’t know until dyeing starts.

Left over stock is sold below in a grab bag of 5 skeins (random colors). This pack will include orphans, TOTM and the regular line of colors.

12 Strand, 5 Yard skeinsĀ  100% Mulberry French Spun Silk


If you buy 5 grab bags you will get 1 free! That is 30 skeins for only $2.50 each!

French Silk Grab Bag
French Silk Grab Bag
5 skeins
Available Qty: 12
Price: $26.00
Price: $15.00