Do you want to see more hand-dyed fabric?

I do too! Getting it started is a big expense. Of course I already have the know how and dye. It’s the fabric, serger (because ragged edges are a pain) that is the hurdle. That’s where you come in. I need all the help to get this started now instead of later, or never. Please consider helping me on kickstarter. Lots of great rewards are waiting, I know you will love the fabric. Thank you!


New Girls and Scaredy Jack are available now!

Samantha and Maria are now available! Look for them under the Every Day Girls tab under ‘Patterns” and Scaredy Jack is in the ‘Fall and Halloween’ Section. You can order the PDF’s here ,and thread packs, or get a hard copy from your local needlework shop.

The Witches are invading Etsy!

skeletonfob witch1

Two new Halloween fobs have been put on Etsy with more to come. Plus, a pumpkin or two. These fobs are hand-made with hand-made cord using silks, over-dyes, metallics, ribbon and various other fibers. I would put them on this website but I have not mastered the art of quantities and since they are each unique I couldn’t possible sell more than one. If you are going to do an order here and want one of them added just let me know. Or, head on over there and grab a witch fob!