This is a monthly Christmas themed SAL. It is a huge project that will provide MANY happy stitching hours. It will begin on June 22nd (each release after being on the 22nd of the month) with the first release being the frame and part 1 (the picture above). This SAL uses 5 skeins of Ship’s Manor thread and the rest is DMC.

I have dyed a new color of fabric for this. It is called “Christmas Mummy”. It is lovely dirty blue. You may order the fabric on the fabrics page.

This SAL has 10 parts. Each of the smaller patterns (there are 8 of them) are 77wx77h and the two bigger patterns are 155wx77h. The entire pattern is: 311w x 233h

The pattern will be emailed so make sure the email you have on your paypal account is the one you want the pattern sent to. If the email is different , please let me know.

The thread pack will have 2 skeins of each Ship’s Manor color. I do not have a conversion since changing the Ship’s Manor colors will alter the look of the design. You will need to provide your own DMC. I have a downloadable PDF that has the thread list.

Christmas at the Manor Thread List

If you have any questions please let me know. The shipping time on the fabric/thread will be 2-4 weeks depending on how many orders we get.  Happy Stitching!

Christmas at the Manor Pattern
Christmas at the Manor Pattern
This is a special price for the SAL and is for all 10 releases. It amounts to $1.50 per pattern.
Price: $15.00
Christmas at the Manor Thread
Christmas at the Manor Thread
You will receive 2 skeins each of the Ship's Manor colors. This is a 20% discount for this 'La Lune' is not sold separately right now.
Price: $18.00